DARK0 Interview

Dark0 is one of the leading producers in the UK at the moment concerning underground music. In this revealing interview we discuss techniques behind the Dark0 sound, What makes a big riddim and the true meaning behind the word ‘Karm’.

FD: Describe your personal technique?

Dark0: There is no technique bro. I’ve been trying to make Bhangra for 5 years and it keeps coming out as Grime I swear it’s a curse.

FD: What is special to you about music?

Dark0: The narni love it. Nah joking gg. Nah for real tho the narni tho.

FD: What message would you give to all the dark0 wannabes?

Dark0: Tell them there’s only room for one UK speed Bhangra champion in north west. Any imitator or imposter will get peppered.

FD: You mentioned recently on Twitter that you want to be regional manager of Nandos. Why should Nandos hire you as regional manager?

Dark0: I work well as a team, I’ve been to 46% of all Nandos outlets in the UK and have made notes for improvements (true story). I am a natural leader, I enjoy being challenged in a demanding environment, I am a team player, I have a European name, I have 7 GCSE A – C’s, I function as an intricate cog in a team atmosphere, I got a “Merit” in my BTEC for Culinary Management, I am willing to take risks and make decisions.

FD: How do you evaluate success on a big riddim?

Dark0: When you bounce it and sit on your bed and play it for the first time loud with the windows visualizations on and then begin to crease coz of how flippin good it sounds, you’ve made a big riddim. Also, if my mum likes it, I’ve made a big riddim.

FD: What is the key to happiness on planet Dark0?

Dark0: 1) Turn based RPGs, 2) Ribena, 3) Gak/Jaffa Cakes. Karm.

FD: What does Karm mean?

Dark0: karm is a state of mind my g. Karm is a place. Karm is the essence of when your oyster beeps red and the driver lets you on for free anyway ushering you with his head. Karm is when you come out the shower and the towel is warm off the radiator. Karm is when the chick you have been preein for 2 months likes your Instagram photo of your new trim. Karm. Karm is when fate aligns itself for a fateful moment to make you feel that this dark cold world has a spotlight of infinite tranquillity and wonderlust that will shine just for you on a precise moment in time.

FD: If you had only one word to describe your tunes, what would it be?

Dark0: Feck.

FD: Do you get bothered when someone comes with a really sick tune that flips the scene?

Dark0: Nah, Bhangra has been quiet for a hot seccy broski.

FD: What qualities in other peoples tunes bother you most when they’re really sick and flip the scene (if at all)?

Dark0: The correct and clinical application of the sitar at the right moment. Difference.

Check out his tunes here: http://soundcloud.com/dark0