ProjectX provides a convenient way for the founders of web sites in related fields to post ads on each other's sites, without any money changing hands.

AdsAd formats

ProjectX allows you to enter information about each of your web sites, and then upload one or more ads for each site. Currently ads in the standard 125 x 125 format are supported in any web-compatible image format (PNG, JPG, or GIF. including animated GIF).


You can specify the ProjectX users that you want to exchange ads with, and these users are listed on the Associates tab.


Locations on your site where you want to place ads are referred to as Spots. You can define any number of spots for each site. For example, you could have one spot on the home page, called Home, and one on all the content pages, called General.

Each spot can be assigned from 1 to 3 ads, which will be shown in rotation. You can select the ads to show in each spot from any of the ads offered by you or your friends.

For each spot ProjectX shows you the code you need to cut and paste into your web site. The code uses the widely-supported iframe tag, and does not require JavaScript to be enabled on the user's browser.


ProjectX records show and click-through statistics for each of the ads shown at each spot. Both the owner of the ad, and the owner of the spot showing the ad, can display these statistics by clicking on the ad.