Acre's second venture at Soup will feature turbo-charged DJ sets from him and Filter Dread, with a lead-up from local artists L-ii and Leo. This Manchester-rich line up is sure to get the Soup basement shaking!

The second of Acre’s (Transmute/ ) ventures at SOUP, on the 21st of Jan he returns to the sweatbox- this time with Filter Dread in tow. Having collaborated on several occasions, including a release on Visionist’s Lost Codes label, Filter Dread and Acre go hand in hand on a lineup. Filter Dread’s approach to music is boundless- twisted low end cochlea punishment that ducks and weaves seamlessly through early jungle, techno, grime and dubstep influences. Within his DJ sets, he explores a sonic palette that is fearless, futuristic and bold, anchored by turbo charged techno-grime bass weight. Support from locals LEO and L-ii. Acre & Filter Dread - 6 EP is available to buy on Bandcamp now.

Transmute manc image1.png

transmute DT pic.png